Claudine Cook

Achieved : $11,750
Objective : $15,000


2019-07-21 $200
Ann Eynon
2019-08-13 $100
Private donation
2019-08-15 $2,000
Tina & Andy Kragaris Family Fund
2019-07-22 $300

Have a brilliant ride Claudine!

2019-08-12 $100
Private donation
2019-07-25 $750
Julius Sternthal Inc.
2019-08-07 $300

Have a great ride !

2019-07-22 $100


Great charity. Nice way to stay in shape and to give back at the same time!

2019-08-13 $500

Congratulations Claudine. You are amazing!

2019-01-14 $500
ZED Communications
2019-08-02 $250
Erik Charton

Claudine you are our hero for all of your years of commitment and drive fir ALS,


2019-07-21 $200
Nicholalas Stephens

This is a “slam dunk” for you Claudine. Always amazed at your devotion and success! Continued good luck!

2019-07-29 $150
Jean Philippe Bernard
2019-08-06 $50
In Memory of Dwight "The Catch" Clark

Fight the fight. Nice work. Wil

2019-07-05 $100
Jim Dunlop
2019-08-09 $1,000
Stephen Bronfman
2019-07-22 $500
Private donation

Let your you out!

2019-07-25 $250
Anonym donation
2019-08-06 $200
Private donation
2019-08-09 $100
Grace Lutfy
2019-08-04 $1,250
Private donation

Claudine, congratulations for your 15 years of excellent devotion to ALS challenges...
Keep the good work up.
Good luck with the 300 km.

2019-08-12 $200
Cook Family

Wishing you a wonderful ride ! You continue to inspire so many !

2019-08-16 $200
Andrew Bissett

Your devotion, commitment and passion to ALS Quebec is remarkable and inspiring. Congratulations on this milestone year! Enjoy the ride.

2018-12-19 $250
Duncan McGregor
2019-08-07 $250
Isabel Cyr

Looking forward to riding next year. Thank you for everything you do.

2019-07-21 $50
Michele Tremblay

You are amazing Claudine! Wow, you have all my admiration. 300 km? You are courageous and crazy and I totally envy you! Thank you for doing this for the ALS Society xx

2019-08-05 $500
Peanut Tazman Cook

Go get em’

2019-07-21 $50
Private donation

Bravo Claudine pour ton travail formidable!

2019-08-07 $250
Truck N Roll

In Memory of Tony Di Raddo Claudine you are the best

2019-08-01 $100
Marisa giannetti

Congrats on your 15 years of devotion to this cause. Wishing you many more years with the ALS society and good luck on this ride!

2019-08-08 $1,000
Private donation

Have a safe and fun ride!