Team Time Trial (TTT) for ALS


Help our team reach our fundraising goal for the Ride to Fight ALS!
Thanks to the support of people like you, ALS Quebec is able to offer services and programs for families at every stage of the disease. You also allow us to support research efforts, in the hopes of discovering a treatment.

Thank you for your support!

Achieved : $39,151
Objective : $30,000


2019-07-28 $50
Odette Lacroix

Félicitations je serai de coeur avec vous lors de cette belle fin de semaine du roulé pour vaincre la SLA

2019-07-21 $200
Ann Eynon
2019-08-24 $2,000
Monsieur Muffler

Merci pour ton implication!

2019-08-23 $200
Jane Soles
2019-08-13 $100
Private donation
2019-07-09 $400
Anonym donation
2019-08-15 $2,000
Tina & Andy Kragaris Family Fund
2019-07-22 $300

Have a brilliant ride Claudine!

2019-08-12 $100
Private donation
2019-07-25 $750
Julius Sternthal Inc.
2019-08-07 $300

Have a great ride !

2019-08-24 $1,500
Aziz Family Foundation
2019-08-22 $150
Private donation
2019-07-22 $100


Great charity. Nice way to stay in shape and to give back at the same time!

2019-08-13 $500

Congratulations Claudine. You are amazing!

2019-01-14 $500
ZED Communications
2019-08-02 $250
Erik Charton

Claudine you are our hero for all of your years of commitment and drive fir ALS,


2019-07-21 $200
Nicholalas Stephens

This is a “slam dunk” for you Claudine. Always amazed at your devotion and success! Continued good luck!

2019-07-29 $150
Jean Philippe Bernard
2019-08-06 $50
In Memory of Dwight "The Catch" Clark

Fight the fight. Nice work. Wil

2019-07-05 $100
Jim Dunlop
2019-08-24 $51
Alexander Johnson
2019-08-09 $1,000
Stephen Bronfman
2019-07-22 $500
Private donation

Let your you out!

2019-07-25 $250
Anonym donation
2019-08-23 $100
Private donation

What you do for ALS is simply amazing. Have a great ride Claudine, will be cheering you on all weekend! ????

2019-08-06 $200
Private donation
2019-08-09 $100
Grace Lutfy
2019-08-23 $200
Reginald and Lillian Kawaja
2019-08-23 $250
Anonym donation

Let your you out

2019-08-04 $1,250
Private donation

Claudine, congratulations for your 15 years of excellent devotion to ALS challenges...
Keep the good work up.
Good luck with the 300 km.

2019-08-12 $200
Cook Family

Wishing you a wonderful ride ! You continue to inspire so many !

2019-08-16 $200
Andrew Bissett

Your devotion, commitment and passion to ALS Quebec is remarkable and inspiring. Congratulations on this milestone year! Enjoy the ride.

2018-12-19 $250
Duncan McGregor
2019-08-07 $250
Isabel Cyr

Looking forward to riding next year. Thank you for everything you do.

2019-07-21 $50
Michele Tremblay

You are amazing Claudine! Wow, you have all my admiration. 300 km? You are courageous and crazy and I totally envy you! Thank you for doing this for the ALS Society xx

2019-08-23 $250
Domi Codère

Claudine merci de mettre à contribution: passion, intelligence, créativité et persévérance pour générer des fonds afin que nos chercheurs trouve le moyen de vaincre et/ou prévenir l'ALS. Enjoy the ride !!!

2019-08-05 $500
Peanut Tazman Cook

Go get em’

2019-07-21 $50
Private donation

Bravo Claudine pour ton travail formidable!

2019-08-24 $150
Stephanie Rossy
2019-08-07 $250
Truck N Roll

In Memory of Tony Di Raddo Claudine you are the best

2019-08-21 $100
Joanie & Piero

Claudine, you will rock the ride! Your devotion to the cause is amazing.

2019-08-21 $300
April Shamy

Keep up the wonderful work Claudine. You are making such an important difference.

2019-08-01 $100
Marisa giannetti

Congrats on your 15 years of devotion to this cause. Wishing you many more years with the ALS society and good luck on this ride!

2019-08-08 $1,000
Private donation

Have a safe and fun ride!

2019-08-19 $150
Ostry family

Dear Diane,
You continue to be a great source of inspiration. You have all our admiration and support. You have done so much to advance this cause and help people affected by this terrible disease. Way to go¡

2019-09-04 $100
Bruce Kent

Keep up the great work! BK

2019-08-22 $25
Carole Boyer

Your a great ambassador for this cause. Your husband would be proud, no doubt
Wishing you all the best with your Ride to Fight ALS and lots of fun.

2019-08-22 $100
Private donation
2019-07-28 $100
Netta Nerenberg

You go girl! Very proud of you, wishing you a good ride.❤️

2019-08-09 $100
Bertha Cholakis

You continue to inspire me. !!!!!

2019-08-23 $300
2019-08-24 $100
Private donation

You are awesome. Safe ride!

2019-07-25 $150
Jaden & Michael Seligman

Have a great ride Diane, we are with you and honoured to support you and your team in this very important mission to raise funds and awareness to one day cure ALS.

2019-07-26 $50
Jessica Geric

Good luck Diane!

2019-07-23 $25
Dominique Dore

Sorry I can not participate this year

2019-08-08 $118
Arlene Chinks

I am proud to call you my friend. You are a shining example of how to direct your love and energy into keeping the spirit and love alive. We shall continue to fight this battle with you and shall never forget the brilliance and strength of Marinko.

2019-08-21 $36
Gail Dalys

Enjoy the ride!
Your commitment is inspirational!

2019-07-25 $50
Seb Oran

Go-Go-Go! Bravo for continued effort and support!

2019-08-13 $175
Shari Gagne

You are an inspiration to all - honoured to support your commitment.

2019-07-11 $200
Anonym donation
2019-08-22 $200

Diane... so proud of you! So many years and rides of dedication!

2019-08-10 $500
Private donation

Diane, you are an inspiration! Thanks for all the hard work you are doing for ALS. Safe travels my friend.

2019-07-27 $100
Terezija Tkalec
2019-08-16 $50
Mat Bonarek & France Lemelin

Wishing you a great ride :)

2019-08-08 $326
Brian H. Stein, CPA

Keep up the great work DT!!!

2019-08-08 $100
Leslie Hier

Have a great, safe ride, Diane. The Hier family will be cheering you on. xo

2019-07-26 $100
Arzine & Donald Brochu

You continue to inspire us!

2019-08-22 $50
Rhona Daitchman

Good Luck Diane! You are amazing!

2019-08-10 $100
House Of Woods Ltd

Hi Diane,
You are an inspiration for your commitment and loyalty to find a cure! Good luck on the ride. Terry & Keith

2019-08-12 $100
Private donation

Diane, so very proud of you for completing yet another ALS Ride! Congratulations!

2019-07-26 $50
Krispahlyn Daria
2019-08-12 $100
Louise Lutfy

To an amazing woman, athlete and fighter! You are an inspiration.

2019-09-03 $200
Marsha and Larry Yelin

A belated “well done” Diane

2019-08-20 $200
Caroline Charton

Every time I look at my son, I am reminded of Marinko who made it happen despite impossible odds. I will forever be grateful to him. Diane, you are an inspiration to all.

2019-08-08 $250
Private donation

I am so proud of you. Keep up the fight. Hope to see you soon.

XOXO, Jocelyne

2019-04-17 $100
Private donation


2019-08-23 $25
Justine Martineau

GO dudu GO

2019-08-10 $100
Pierrette Lemay

Ça roule en grand chez les Martineau. Félicitations!

2019-05-08 $20
Private donation

Bravo mon ami !! toujours fier de toi !!

2019-04-18 $40
Stéphane Denault

Vas-y champion c'est une bonne cause!

2019-01-10 $100
Donald Martineau
2019-08-24 $100
Hugo Martineau

Go Dodu Go !

2019-06-24 $250
Private donation

Bravo Donald.

Félicitations pour ta générosité et ta ténacité.

Transmets mes salutations à Justine ainsi qu'à toute ta famille.

Bonne route.

à bientôt.


2019-04-14 $100
Private donation
2019-08-21 $500
Private donation

Admirable ce que tu fais . Que la route soit belle et inspirante. Bravo à toute l’équipe !

2019-04-30 $50
Anonym donation
2019-04-30 $100

Bravo à Michelle et toi pour votre implication!

2019-04-17 $50
Private donation

“May the wind always be at your back”

2019-04-17 $20
Domenic Di Lullo

Bravo Donald ! Go all the way my friend

2019-06-14 $100
Kim Martin

Je te souhaite un beau parcours et du beau et bon temps!

2019-07-30 $100
Anonym donation
2019-06-25 $40
Pierrette et Marcel
2019-04-15 $200
Famille Aubin

Go Go Donald! Et bravo pour ton implication et votre inspirante générosité encore une fois cette année !

2019-04-15 $200
2019-04-17 $100
Laurent Lemay

Bravo Donald pour ton implication et félicitations à Justine. Bonne route !

2019-04-19 $100
Famille Vinet
2019-08-23 $50
Felix-Antoine Martineau Cote
2019-04-26 $1,000
Private donation


2019-08-21 $100
JF Lemay

Bravo à Justine et toi pour votre engagement soutenu :-)

2019-04-19 $30
Guy Bergeron
2019-08-13 $25
Private donation

Bravo Donald ! Super bon travail pour une bonne cause.

2019-04-16 $50
Jean Chalaoui

Donald, ton engagement est admirable

2019-07-02 $25
Ginette Martineau

Bravo pour ton implication encore cette année! X

2019-08-15 $150
Erik Charton

Way to go Frank, good on you brother!

2019-08-15 $200
Private donation
2019-08-23 $500
Allana Henderson

Thanks for keeping up the fight against ALS Frank! Ride Safe!

2019-07-27 $500
Anonym donation
2019-07-11 $1,500
Anonym donation
2019-07-28 $50
Private donation

always moving forward! grest job Frank xxx

2019-07-29 $40
Livia Romano

Congrats on your involvement! Best of luck!

2019-08-08 $150
Private donation

vas y Loulou, bonne randonnee!

2019-06-11 $200
Louise Laverdière
2019-06-06 $100
Private donation

Let's go Loulou!! Bravo de ton implication pour la cause.

2019-06-11 $225
Louise Laverdière

Vente de garage

2019-08-02 $25
Linda et ghislain paquin

Ensemble pour la cause félicitation pour ton engagement ont est derrière toi

2019-08-03 $100
Anonym donation


2019-07-29 $50
Private donation

Nous sommes très fier de toi!

2019-08-01 $150
Private donation

Nous sommes tous derrière toi Maxime ! Bon parcours !

2019-08-02 $100
Mélanie Sénéchal

Bravo pour ton implication! J’aurais voulu y être encore cette année, mais ce n’est pas possible... Bonne route!

2019-08-01 $40
Louis Marcoux
2019-08-01 $50
Tahar Aouane

Bravo Maxime!!!!!!! Bon parcours.

2019-07-27 $50
Maxime Beland
2019-07-28 $200
Michel Beland

Bon parcourt champion ????

2019-08-02 $200
Private donation

Pédale le frère !!! ????????

2019-08-03 $25
Gianna Colagiacomo

Bonne chance !

2019-08-02 $50
Gerry et Ginette

Bravo pour ton implication on t’encourage

2019-08-01 $50

Bravo Maxime , on sera avec toi en pensée

2019-08-01 $50
Benoit Cournoyer

Lâche pas le beauf.

2019-04-06 $100
Mario Lalonde
2019-08-26 $100
Private donation
2019-05-24 $100
2019-02-08 $75
Private donation

Bravo pour ton implication, lâche pas!!!

2019-02-08 $100
Sylvie Bérubé

Merci Pierre....merci, merci, merci !!!!

2019-02-15 $50
Private donation

.... Chaque tour de roue raccourci je chemin vers le succès de la recherche

2019-02-07 $100
Famille Madore
2019-08-24 $100
Private donation

Félicitations Pierre pour ta persévérance . Je pense à toi.

2019-07-01 $20
Kathleen K.

Bravo pour ton implication

2019-05-26 $20
Sylvie Amyot

Merci Pierre de ton implication année après année.

2019-01-10 $1,000
Michel Paris
2019-05-26 $20
Raymonde Kennedy
2019-05-26 $250
Private donation

Merci pour ton implication, pour Mom et Pauline !!!

2019-05-16 $100
Famille houde
2019-04-25 $105
2019-02-15 $20
Claire Préseault

Bravo Pierre de faire ce beau geste au nom de ta maman et Pauline xxx

2019-02-11 $100
Louise et Edgar Prudhomme

Bravo Pierre

2019-08-07 $50
Virginie Portes

Bonne randonnée pour une belle cause.

2019-08-22 $50
Keith Murai

You are a star Richard ;-) Go TTT!

2019-08-02 $150
Private donation


2019-08-01 $50
Jean-Claude Lacaille

Allez et pédale fort !!!

2019-08-02 $100
Private donation

Bonne randonnée et santé!

2019-08-01 $100
Serge Rossignol

j'ai déjà perdu un bon ami atteint de SLA.
Bonne chance!

2019-08-01 $200
Private donation

Merci beaucoup de votre implication

2019-08-01 $100
Vincent Castellucci

Bonne randonnée

2019-08-02 $100

Go Go Go !!!

2019-08-10 $20
Cécile Simard
2019-08-10 $50
Private donation

Bravo Ti frère
Pensées positives pour toi et tous les participants

2019-07-28 $600
Private donation
2019-08-02 $50
Fleurette Brodeur


2019-08-13 $25
Anonym donation

Go Richard Go! Pour la SLA.
Susy D.

2019-08-03 $100
Pierre Drapeau
2019-08-11 $40
Private donation
2019-08-08 $25
Private donation

Un immense merci pour vos recherches et votre implication pour vaincre la SLA. J'ai été diagnostiquée en juin dernier. Vous me donnez espoir et je vous en remercie. Ayez beaucoup de plaisir lors de cette activité et félicitations pour votre implication.

2019-08-04 $50
Monique Tanguay
2019-08-01 $300
Sylvie Baril et Max Sévégny

Bonne randonnée en l'honneur de grand ami Guy décédé le 19 mars dernier.

2019-08-04 $50
Private donation

Bonne randonnée pour une bonne cause!
Nathalie A.

2019-08-05 $50
Christine Vande Velde

Have a great ride!

2019-08-02 $50
Marion Lapointe


2019-08-25 $100
Janet Sullivan

What a wonderful way to honour the memory of your mom! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

2019-07-29 $30
Anonym donation

Great initiative!

2019-08-01 $50
Private donation

Thinking about you! Good luck!

2019-08-18 $100
Hugh Comerford

Hey Susan - cheers from across the years. Sending you all green lights (figuratively) on your journey!!

2019-07-30 $150
An Ancient Aviator

Just let those legs drop, et voila !

2019-08-17 $50
Private donation

Go for it Tiger

2019-07-30 $200
Steven and Joyce

Keep riding!!

2019-07-28 $100
Private donation

Great work Sue!!

2019-08-14 $100
Doug Salter

She never hesitates to help others !

2019-08-21 $100
Dominique Nelson

Vroom! Vroom!
XO Mimi

2019-08-20 $100
Spiro Krallis
2019-08-24 $100
Noha and Family

You inspire me to do more! Thinking of you.

2019-07-30 $25
Private donation
2019-08-16 $50
Private donation

Hi Susan, All the best on this ride, I know you will do incredible!

I look forward to hearing about it

2019-03-29 $700
A Passionate Supporter
2019-07-28 $25
Lana Lundin
2019-07-29 $75
Murray Balzer
2019-07-30 $200
Jessica and Mike
2019-07-27 $25
Valerie and Hans


2019-07-31 $100
Anonym donation

All the best on your ride!!

2019-08-13 $50
Private donation
2019-08-10 $50
Private donation

Thank You Susan for participating in this worthy cause.

2019-07-22 $100
Anonym donation

You inspire us to do more!

2019-07-22 $500
Private donation

Go get them Tiger

2019-07-22 $125
Anonym donation
2019-08-23 $30
Anonym donation
2019-08-18 $20
Anne Bell
2019-08-06 $90
Ladies @ Chez Cora, Pte-Claire

Ladies @ Chez Cora, Hymus & St-Jean glad to support through honey purchases!

2019-08-21 $50
Private donation

You’re wonderful!
Have fun Bisou

2019-03-05 $1,000
Susan Kennerknecht