Charles Coffin

Achieved : $805
Objective : $2,500


2019-07-14 $50
Private donation

Good Luck Charles!

2019-07-14 $100
Delisle’s family

Merci pour ton implication Charles. Ton engagement t’honore!

2019-07-29 $40
Private donation

Allez allez allez

2019-07-08 $500
Private donation

Bravo pour ton implication

2019-07-09 $40
Isabelle Mayrand

Bonne fête en retard Charles! Et bravo pour ton implication!

2019-07-16 $25
Pascale Savard

Charles you are amazing for all that you do, your energy is contagious. Thanks for being so generous with your time and for giving back to so many worthy causes.

2019-07-08 $50
Isabelle Fradet

Bonne fête Charles!