Diane Tkalec

Achieved : $3,905
Objective : $4,000


2019-08-19 $150
Ostry family

Dear Diane,
You continue to be a great source of inspiration. You have all our admiration and support. You have done so much to advance this cause and help people affected by this terrible disease. Way to go¡

2019-08-22 $25
Carole Boyer

Your a great ambassador for this cause. Your husband would be proud, no doubt
Wishing you all the best with your Ride to Fight ALS and lots of fun.

2019-08-22 $100
Private donation
2019-07-28 $100
Netta Nerenberg

You go girl! Very proud of you, wishing you a good ride.❤️

2019-08-09 $100
Bertha Cholakis

You continue to inspire me. !!!!!

2019-08-23 $300
2019-08-24 $100
Private donation

You are awesome. Safe ride!

2019-07-25 $150
Jaden & Michael Seligman

Have a great ride Diane, we are with you and honoured to support you and your team in this very important mission to raise funds and awareness to one day cure ALS.

2019-07-26 $50
Jessica Geric

Good luck Diane!

2019-07-23 $25
Dominique Dore

Sorry I can not participate this year

2019-08-08 $118
Arlene Chinks

I am proud to call you my friend. You are a shining example of how to direct your love and energy into keeping the spirit and love alive. We shall continue to fight this battle with you and shall never forget the brilliance and strength of Marinko.

2019-08-21 $36
Gail Dalys

Enjoy the ride!
Your commitment is inspirational!

2019-07-25 $50
Seb Oran

Go-Go-Go! Bravo for continued effort and support!

2019-08-13 $175
Shari Gagne

You are an inspiration to all - honoured to support your commitment.

2019-07-11 $200
Anonym donation
2019-08-22 $200

Diane... so proud of you! So many years and rides of dedication!

2019-08-10 $500
Private donation

Diane, you are an inspiration! Thanks for all the hard work you are doing for ALS. Safe travels my friend.

2019-07-27 $100
Terezija Tkalec
2019-08-16 $50
Mat Bonarek & France Lemelin

Wishing you a great ride :)

2019-08-08 $326
Brian H. Stein, CPA

Keep up the great work DT!!!

2019-08-08 $100
Leslie Hier

Have a great, safe ride, Diane. The Hier family will be cheering you on. xo

2019-07-26 $100
Arzine & Donald Brochu

You continue to inspire us!

2019-08-22 $50
Rhona Daitchman

Good Luck Diane! You are amazing!

2019-08-10 $100
House Of Woods Ltd

Hi Diane,
You are an inspiration for your commitment and loyalty to find a cure! Good luck on the ride. Terry & Keith

2019-08-12 $100
Private donation

Diane, so very proud of you for completing yet another ALS Ride! Congratulations!

2019-07-26 $50
Krispahlyn Daria
2019-08-12 $100
Louise Lutfy

To an amazing woman, athlete and fighter! You are an inspiration.

2019-08-20 $200
Caroline Charton

Every time I look at my son, I am reminded of Marinko who made it happen despite impossible odds. I will forever be grateful to him. Diane, you are an inspiration to all.

2019-08-08 $250
Private donation

I am so proud of you. Keep up the fight. Hope to see you soon.

XOXO, Jocelyne