Organizer's Guide

1. Choose an activity

Find an activity that really motivates and interests you. Present your idea to your potential participants to get their opinion and develop the concept that will make stimulate them. 

2. Surround yourself with dynamic people ready to help you

Organizing an activity is more pleasant and easy in a group! Call on other people to help you set up your project. If necessary, create sub-committees that will have specific responsibilities. Don't be afraid to delegate!

3. Plan a budget and set a fundraising goal

List all human and material resources needed to assess estimated revenues, expenses, and profits. Consider sponsorships and in-kind donations to reduce your expenses. From this data, determine a fundraising goal.

4. Set the date and location of the activity and develop a timeline

Once the date and location have been set, with your sub-committees, identify the steps of your project and draw up a list of tasks to be carried out. The best way not to forget anything on D-Day is to prepare a detailed schedule of the work to be done. Specify who is responsible for each task and when the task is to be performed. Follow up as needed.

5. Think about your fundraising method

Online donations:
Through your participant or event page, you can invite your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to encourage you by making an online donation.

In-person donations:
You can solicit your entourage personally. It is important to take note of your donors' contact information. This information will be required to issue tax receipts. Sun Youth can also lend you piggy banks that you can leave in local businesses or in your workplace.

6. Spread the word about your event and recruit participants

Talk about your event often and to as many people as possible: friends, family, colleagues, sports team, social group, neighborhood shops, etc. Word of mouth remains very effective. Ask your loved ones to do the same.

Use the means at your disposal: emails, social media, website, etc. You can also distribute posters or flyers, Sun Youth can provide them. 
In your communications, share the hyperlink to your event's webpage. This is where people can register as a participant or make a donation to encourage you. 

7. Double the impact of your contribution!

Did you know that many companies agree to double and even triple collections funds from their employees through a matching gift program? 
To take advantage of this program, contact your immediate supervisor or contact the person responsible for human resources.

8. Say thank you!
Once the fundraising activity is over, thank everyone who encouraged you: participants, donors, volunteers, organizers, sponsors, etc.