Participant's Guide

1. Customize your page
Add a photo and tell your story. Explain what links you to Sun Youth and why you are participating in the campaign. People are more likely to give when they understand your motivations.

2. Make a list of your contacts
Don't forget anyone: family, doctor, banker, accountant, friends, professional contacts, neighbors, etc. The number of donations you receive will be closely related to the number of people you contact.

3. Send emails
Don't forget to tell your story and explain your motivations. Share the link to your personal fundraising page. Don't be afraid to remind your contacts again, again and again. It often takes a few reminders before you get a donation.

4. Use social media
Update your status as often as possible and ask for support from your contacts. Share the good news of your campaign and most importantly, don't forget to include the link to your personal page. 

5. Say thank you
Take the time to thank your donors. Send them pictures of your challenge.