Create a challenge

Do you want to create a challenge? It's almost too easy and the possibilities are limitless!

The range of choices has no limit but your imagination. Take the opportunity to discover the event organizer hidden in you, to wake up the armchair athlete in you, or the explorer who dreams of reaching the final frontier!

Four steps to completing your challenge:

  • Fill out the online form.
  • Customize your event page: once your challenge is approved and activated, Sun Youth will provide you with a web page that you can customize. 
  • Mobilize those around you to recruit participants for your challenge and to collect donationsthroughout the organization of your challenge, you can count on the support of the Sun Youth team.
  • Challenge yourself on your chosen date!

Eligibility criteria : 

  • A challenge must be registered on this site beforehand.
  • A challenge must be held exclusively for the benefit of Sun Youth.
  • A challenge must respect the values of Sun Youth.
  • A challenge must take place in compliance with the laws in force in Quebec.
  • The organizer undertakes to pay the expenses resulting from his challenge; Sun Youth does not reimburse any expenses.

1. Go to the Home page.

2. Click on the Challenges button. A new page will open, click on Create a challenge.

3. Or click on See all challenges | Participate. A new page will open, click on the button Create a challenge.