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Where to start

Question #1: What is the difference between a walker and a donor?

A walker is a person who registers for the Walk/Run and commits to fundraising. They participate in the Walk/Run on the day of the event.

A donor is someone who supports a walker by making a donation. They are not registered for the Walk/Run and do not participate.

People who wish to accompany you to the event must register at the following link: Register now.

Question #2: Can I be accompanied at the event?

Anyone can participate in La Marche/La Course as long as they are registered for the event.

A walker cannot be accompanied by his/her donors on the day of the Walk. In fact, each person participating in the Walk/Run must be registered and raising funds themselves.

Question #3: Can I bring a child?

Yes, children 16 years old and under do not need to register, but we still need to be notified of their presence by email at the following address:

Question #4: Are strollers allowed?

Yes, it is possible to have a stroller for all the walking courses (1, 3.5, 6.5 and 10 km). However, please note that the trails are much steeper for the 10 km. It is therefore not recommended to venture out with a stroller if you have not done so before.

We recommend the new 1km course for parents with infants.

Question #5: Can I bring my pet?

Yes, there will be specific transportation for pets. However, please note that pets are not allowed inside the arena. In addition, the owner must keep his or her pet on a leash, supervise it and ensure that it is clean by picking up after it.


Question #1: Is there a minimum amount to raise per person?

Yes, each participant must raise a minimum of $200. If you are in a team (maximum of 10 people), the minimum amount to raise is $2000 per team.

Question #2: How do I register?

You can register for the Walk/Run as an individual walker or by creating or joining a team. If this is your first time participating, you must register as a new walker by following these steps.

1. Click on the Register button.

2. Choose one of the following three options:

A. Form a team: for individuals who wish to form a team and be the team leader.

B. Join a Team: for people who wish to join an existing team, you must know the name of your team in order to search and select it.

C. Register as an individual: for people who wish to walk solo.

3. Please enter your email address.

4. Determine your personal fundraising goal. You can add your profile picture now and customize your tagline, but you can always change it at any time.

5. Then click on Next Step.

6. Fill out the registration form and click Save.

7. Verify your information and click on Next.

8. If you would like to make an immediate donation to your own fundraiser, enter the amount of your donation in the I would like to make a donation box.

9. Read and accept the terms of use.

10. Please check your email box as you will receive an email confirming your registration. If you do not see the confirmation email, we suggest you check your junk mail. For technical support, we invite you to contact by phone (450) 534-2002, ext. #228 or by email:

Question #3: I have participated in the Walk/Run before and want to register again. How do I do this?

If you have participated in La Marche/La Course in the past few years, the username and password you created at that time are still valid.

Question #4: What is the deadline to register?

The deadline is may 3th at 6:00 p.m., the Wednesday before the event.

Cash and T-Shirt Giveaway

Question #1: How can I raise money?

There are several alternatives available to you. You can click on the following link to get some tools in the section Fundraising tools.

Question #2: What should I do with the money and cheques that my donors have given me?

You have several options:

You can register them by logging into your personal page:
You can bring them to the "Money Giving Day" which will take place on April 27th between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at La Maison Au Diapason.
It is also possible to come directly to La Maison Au Diapason to deposit the money. We invite you to advise us of your coming by contacting by phone (450) 534-2002, extension #228 or by email:

Question #3: When will I receive my La Marche/ La Course shirt?

The jerseys will be distributed at the cash giveaway on April 27st between 9am and 6pm. To receive it, you must be registered to the activity.

Question #4: If I can't show up to pick up my shirt, what can I do?

First, you must be registered for the activity. If this is the case, you can ask a member of your team to pick it up for you. Otherwise, we invite you to write to us at the following email address:


Question #1: If I can't attend the event, how do I make a donation?

To make a donation to a participant, a team or the event, click on the following link at Support a participant or a team.

Question #2: Can I receive a receipt with my donation?

Yes, a receipt will be sent to you for all donations of $25 or more. Click on the following link to make a donation: Donate to the event.


Question #1: How do I become a volunteer and what types of positions are available?

Whether it's at registration, feeding, on the course, before or during the event. There is a role for everyone who wants to volunteer and contribute to the success of the Walk/Run. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Caroline Paquette by email at or by phone at (450) 534-2002 ext. 253.

The courses

Question #1: What are the proposed paths?

You can choose between three different courses: 1km, 3.5 km, 6.5 km and 10 km for the walk or 3.5 km, 6.5 km and 11 km for the run. Click on the following link to discover the courses.

May 7th 2023

Question #1: Is the event cancelled in case of rain?

The event will take place rain or shine, unless there are major weather lows. In this case, the information will be communicated to you by email and an announcement will be made on our social networks. Remember to dress accordingly to the weather (sneakers/rain boots, breathable/waterproof clothing, etc.).

Good weather: Bromont Public Place. 705 Shefford Street.

In case of bad weather: Bromont Arena. 20 John-Savage Street.

Question # 2: Where can I park?

It is possible to park your car in the arena parking lot as well as on Shefford and Pierre-Bellefleur streets, in the parking lot located in front of La Chantignole school on de Gaspé Street and in the municipal parking lot located on Compton Road.

It is forbidden to park in the parking lot of the following businesses Rona, Animalerie, Concept Action and Métro. Please consult the map for an overview of the parking lots: Parking map.

Question #3: What should I wear for the event?

The event will take place rain or shine. Remember to dress comfortably and accordingly to the weather (sneakers/rain boots, breathable/waterproof clothing, etc.).

Question #4: Do I need to bring my own lunch?

No, all registered participants will receive a free lunch after the activity.

Question #5: Where do I show up on the morning of the event?

On the morning of the event, you are invited to arrive at 8:00 a.m.

Good weather: Bromont Public Place. 705 Shefford Street.

In case of bad weather: Bromont Arena. 20 John-Savage Street.

You must first go to the registration table to confirm your presence. We invite you to follow us on Facebook.

Question #6: What is the program for the day?

Stay tuned to discover the complete program of this 14th edition.

On May 7th, I'm moving to the rhythm of the Diapason!

Question #7 : If I am not able to finish the course, what can I do?

A shuttle bus will be available if needed. Information will be given to you at the opening of the event by the organizer.

Covid-19 health measures

Question #1: What measures are in place?

We invite you to consult the Schedule section on the website of La Marche / La Course or by clicking on the following link Schedule. The measures will be updated according to current government recommendations.