3.5 km and 6.5 km courses for everyone

  • Start at the arena and possibility of doing 3.5 km to Canaël or 6.5 km to continue to La Maison.
  • Asphalt or rock dust bottom.
  • Little difference in level.
  • Maximum duration of 1h30.
  • From the arena, turn right on Pierre-Bellefleur street to Gaspé street. Cross the street and take the V1 trail to rue des Carrières. Cross the street and follow the trail over the bridge. Continue to the Dooly's and Canaël parking lot where buses will take walkers back to the arena.
  • For those who would like to continue to La Maison Au Diapason, they can take the same route as the 10K walkers by crossing Shefford Street at the same location and continuing on the V1.

10 km course for walkers

  • Departure from the arena and arrival at La Maison - 10 km.
  • Gravel and rock dust bottom.
  • Difference in level at the beginning of the course.
  • Maximum duration of 2h45.
  • Take the multifunctional trails of the City of Bromont B1, B2, C2, C1 up to rue de Gaspé. Take the Olympic Park field to K6 followed by K1 to Canaël. Cross Pacific Street and the Doooly's parking lot and proceed to the intersection of Shefford Street. Cross Shefford Street and use the new V1 multi-purpose trail. Head towards the water treatment plant and walk behind it towards La Maison.
  • Buses will take walkers back to the arena.

11 km course for runners

  • Start from the arena and finish at La Maison - approximately 11 km.
  • Gravel, rock dust, or grassy bottom.
  • Elevation gain at the beginning of the course.
  • Follow the same course as the 10 km walkers, except for the Equestrian Park where runners will make a detour around the large lake.