The Foundation

We are the region’s largest charity organization, and one of Quebec’s 10 largest inpatient health foundations. The Foundation has more than 68,000 donors. Thanks to your donations, and the funds raised from various events, we are able to give more than $3 million to the CISS de l’Outaouais each year. This money is used to buy medical equipment, pay for various prevention programs, and conduct priority investment projects.

We are the largest philanthropic organization in the region and one of Quebec’s 10 largest foundations in the hospital-based health-care sector. Thanks to donations from more than 70,000 donors and profits from our various fundraising activities, we are able to give over $3 million annually to the CISSS de l’Outaouais.

The local investments made possible by this funding are improving the quality of the health-care services offered the Outaouais region’s population, providing access to a wider range of specialized care services, allowing the purchase new state-of-the-art equipment, enabling innovative prevention programs and allow quicker access to care, RIGHT HERE, AT HOME !

Whether you are participating, donating, sponsoring or volunteering, thank you for supporting the Gatineau Health Foundation and the well-being of people in your community.

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Charity Registration Number: 10758 8477 RR0001