As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) calls on
foundations and benefactors to support a new Collective Fund for Social Equity.

Collective Fund for Social Equity

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The context: A unique crisis

At the beginning of April, FGM, with support from several benefactors, private foundations and businesses, launched the COVID -19 Collective Fund. This fund enabled us to distribute about $1.6 M to nearly 120 charitable organizations in the community, allowing them to meet immediate and pressing needs, deal with issues like food insecurity, mental health problems and domestic violence, and develop projects that are more foundational in nature, so that they can adapt their
services to the pandemic context and thus better serve their users.

These organizations have shown a remarkable ability to adapt, and have been able to reorganize their operations in order to be able to meet the most urgent needs. However, we are just beginning to be able to understand the medium and long-term impacts of this crisis, and, given the situation, we are convinced that we need to continue to develop a coordinated philanthropic sector response, especially at this crucial moment when a variety of actors are mobilizing to try to
ensure a successful economic, social and community recovery.

That is why we want to create a Collective Fund for Social Equity that will maintain philanthropic support for community organizations and institutions in all sectors, so as to ensure a post-COVID-19 recovery that is dynamic and inclusive and brings forward a vision for the future, but also takes into consideration the issues, constraints and new realities stemming from the pandemic.

A fund to unite

We will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure that our resources are deployed in an optimal fashion, and that our organizations' combined expertise and experience benefit the community as a whole.

Fund governance

Partners of the Collective Fund for Socia Equity will be asked to participate in a steering committee that will work closely with a network of experienced organizations and experts from a variety of sectors. Together, we will identify the community's needs in a strategic and proactive fashion so as to be able to offer targeted support.

The objectives of the Fund

With an emphasis on equity and inclusion (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal [SDG]10) the Collective Fund for Social Equity will support efforts to deal with issues identified over the past few months, most notably:
• Food security (SDG 2: Zero Hunger);
• Mental health and social isolation (SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being);
• Homelessness and housing (SDG 1: No Poverty).

Projects that integrate one or more of the following
elements will be given priority:
• Initiatives led by Indigenous or racialized persons and focusing specifically on these groups;
• Actions to counter inequalities caused by racism and systemic discrimination, including actions that support reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples;
• A vision for the future, while taking into consideration issues, constraints and new realities stemming from the pandemic;
• Resiliency-based or innovative approaches conceived for the new social and economic context;
• Implementation of recommendations from studies, or that are the fruit of collective reflection;
• Fostering of collaboration and partnerships;
• Bringing about of technological change that will ensure continuity of service, pooling of resources, etc.

Type and duration of grants and available guidance:
• Funding to support a mission or in support of a proposed project;
• One-time funding, for up to three years, depending on needs;
• Guidance and support for capacity building, depending on needs.

Funding goal

The Foundation of Greater Montréal will invest $500,000 upon the creation of the Fund and seeks to gather an additional $500,000 for a total of $1M for 2021.

We hope to activate existing networks and stimulate the thinking, the innovation and the actions needed to build organizations and communities that will be more resilient and durable once we are past this crisis.
We call on you to join us in moving this project ahead. If we all work together, we'll have the greatest possible impact.

Confidentiality of your donation
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The donation deposited in the Fund will be reduced by the transaction fee (between 2% and 3%). A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for any amount of 20$ and over. For now, only Canadian credit cards are accepted.