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Very happy to support you Krista!

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Thank you for all you do. ️

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Hey, I saw your note about your ma and wanted to chip in. My (Polish) grandfather had Alzheimers and my mom (and my grandmother) did everything they could. You're a good egg, Krista. Courage and all the best to all of you guys.

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Old Taylor

Walk tall. Head high.

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We went through this difficult journey with my grandfather "Papa" Rene Martinelli, and Italian Canadian from Montreal. I treasure every bit of memory and knowledge he shared, and Bard helped him stay centered. Even when he stopped regularly remembering us, he always remembered "the boy"... and I wouldn't trade in a moment, whether blessing or painful...

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Krista Muir


One week until the walk...

Thanks so much to all of you who have contributed and helped me surpass my initial goal with a week left in this campaign. My visits home have become more frequent and will continue as my parents home of 36 years is going on the market this week. It's simply not possible for my parents to safely stay there due to my mom's condition so they will relocate to a Retirement Home in the coming months.
I'll definitely be making use of more of the Alzheimer's Association resources in the coming months so many thanks for your generous donations that will go directly to this organization.

And it's gritty and very lo-fi but the spirit is there if you'd like to hear the punk rock song I wrote after I heard about mom's diagnosis. It's a bit dark as initially I was completely shocked and dismayed but we've had some amazing laughs since and the light is always there with the dark and I cherish every visit we have no matter how strange or challenging. You'll have to copy/paste the link:

She'll Never Forget Me

When I got home - I could only scream
Shadowboxed - left right - until I cried
Blasted loud music in my apartment
It shook the walls - the naive old me died

She said the last thing she’ll forget will be her name
But she’ll never forget me

Ghost in the house - but she’s still there
Laughing in flashes - then lost in time
Where did she go - this strange new world
Wish I could kill dementia with this rhyme

She said to me "I forgot my name. Who are you my dear?"
I’m someone who loves you


Well here I am! Still processing the diagnosis a year later but in motion as it unfolds and looking to contribute to awareness/support in any way I can

Been a really eye-opening time going on this journey with my mom - trying to provide her with the support that I can from afar and in person. Lots of train travel between cities to help her and my dad, her primary care giver (still), set up systems to make this process less frightening, more manageable, comfortable and dare I say - sometimes fun? There have been brutally heart-wrenching moments, moments of intense laughter and things I never in a million years thought I'd ever see or hear but this is part of our current journey so here we are.
I'm extremely appreciative of the support I've received from friends and family thus far. My heartfelt thanks to Heidi who has shared so many stories, tips and tricks about the journey with her mom - she has been a wealth of knowledge and I attribute my initial coping skills when I first saw the state my own mother, to her sharing her wisdom. Deep gratitude to Lesley who through very serendipitous ways connected me to "Fancy Nancy" - a powerhouse caregiver who has vastly improved the quality of my parents lives. Also massive high fives to my former partner Shane who was a PSW during part of our time together and who lost his father to Alzheimers as well. He offered up tips for my dad and I that we've implemented and they have been a great help.

I'm participating in the Walk For Alzheimer's in Montréal this month to raise awareness and funds for this association that helps so many. I walk to honour my mom and all the other parents I've had the pleasure of meeting or hearing about through their amazing children who are struggling with this cruel decline. Time to walk...