Create your fundraising event


Each year across Quebec, many groups and people dedicate their time to organizing their own fundraising events for ALS Quebec: walks, bake sales, cycling events, golf tournaments, dances, auctions, benefit concerts, etc.

Are you feeling creative? Then this may be for you! Organizing an event can be a fun and meaningful experience for your family and friends. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and improve the living conditions of people with ALS. And the Society is there to help!

The money raised goes toward supporting people living with the disease, research into treatments, and raising public awareness.

For more information or to start your own fundraising event, please contact our Fundraising Events Coordinator.



Choose the type of fundraising event you want to host based on your financial objectives, your network of people, the resources at your disposal, and the amount of time you are able to put into the event.

Here are a few examples of events:

  • The “a-thons”: walk-a-thon, carwash-a-thon, ski-a-thon, shave-a-thon, etc.
  • Sports tournaments
  • Sales: hotdogs, chocolate, baked goods, yard sales, etc.
  • Theme days and celebrations
  • Dinners
  • Cultural events: comedy shows, plays, concerts, etc.
  • Fundraising within your network: at work, school, family, friends, etc.
  • And many more!

The only limit is your imagination!
Get more great fundraising ideas and tips.


Once you have decided on a project, contact the ALS Society of Quebec to help you make this event a success. If you are having difficulty coming up with an idea but still want to host an event, contact our Fundraising events Coordinator.

If you are planning to collect funds as part of your event, the ALS Society of Quebec will draw up a Third-Party Agreement stipulating that the funds raised will go directly to the Society. The Agreement will also provide the guidelines that each party—the organizer or organization committee and the ALS Society’s personnel — must follow.


Timetable – Clearly define all of the steps of the event and set a realistic timetable. We suggest you put together an organization committee. This will give you additional resources and will help you spread the word about your activity.

Set a date – Find out which activities are going on in your area. People are already very solicited and you do not want to hold your event at the same time as another similar activity.

Human Resources – Determine your needs (guest of honour, master of ceremony, volunteers before and after the event, people to help promote the event, ticket sellers, etc.) If you plan on selling tickets, we recommend you start by giving each seller a maximum of 10 tickets.

Material – Make a list of the things you will need for the event (food, specific structures, technical equipment, microphone, podium, tables, chairs, tablecloths, decorations, cart, first aid kit, tool box, etc.).

Permits – Get the required permits. If you are serving alcohol or holding a draw, you must obtain a permit from RACJ.

Activity location – Assess the facility’s ease of access (is it wheelchair accessible?), how many people the space will hold, and parking. Make sure the area for the activity meets all safety regulations.

Target audience – Determine the type of clientele you will be targeting and your network of solicitation. Involve all members of the organization committee in this step.

Budget – Draft a budget of estimated revenues, expenses and profits. Start looking for sponsors right away. Begin with local sponsors—they are usually the first ones who will want to support your project.

Fundraising – Establish how you will go about collecting funds. The funds collected must be given to the ALS Society of Quebec within 14 days following the activity.

Tax receipt – If you plan on giving tax receipts, you must provide the ALS Society of Quebec with:

  1. A report of the revenues and expenses so that the amount donated by each person can be established, and
  2. A complete list of contact information for each donor, as well as the amount they donated.

Do not promise a tax receipt before contacting the Society.


Good visibility is key to a successful event. Start promoting your event as early as possible. Talk to everyone around you. We can help you make your event a success by providing material that can be distributed before and during the event. The material serves to raise awareness of ALS, provide information about the disease and promote your event.

The ALS Society of Quebec supports you with communication and promotional tools:

  • letters of support
  • brochures
  • balloons
  • donation boxes
  • silk boutonnieres (the Cornflower is the official emblem of ALS)
  • the ALS Society logo

We can also help you create a personal webpage for the event. This page can be used to collect funds online, tell your story, showcase pictures and collect messages from your friends on your board. The ALS Society can also use the site to promote your event on social medias.


Many people will have spent a great deal of time on this event. Once it is over, it is important to thank all of those who gave their support. ALS Quebec will send a thank-you letter to all of the donors, along with their tax receipts. However, it is important not to forget the people who helped organize the event, like the sponsors and volunteers!


The ALS Society of Quebec will issue a tax receipt for all eligible donations of $20 or more, based on the policies of the Canada Revenue Agency. In accordance with the Income Tax Act, a registered charity organization can issue tax receipts to its donors. ALS Society of Quebec must be able to provide to the Canada Revenue Agency a detailed breakdown of the amounts or of a portion of the amounts received as donations, and the receipt that were issued in return, as well as the value of all the benefits received by the person who participated in the fundraising event.