Organizing an activity  

Want to organize an activity? It couldn’t be simpler! And the possibilities are endless!

The variety of possibilities is matched only by your creativity. Take this opportunity to awaken the activity organizer in you, the athlete who is just waiting to be released or the adventurer who dreams of attaining new heights!

Four steps to getting your activity going:

 Fill in the online form: Provide all the information that will be useful in organizing your activity.

 Customize your event page: Once your activity has been approved and initiated, the Foundation will provide you with a web page that you can customize. The Foundation will also e-mail you tools to help you achieve your goals.

 Rally your family and friends around you to recruit participants and collect donations: throughout the organization of your activity, you can count on the support of the team of La rue des Femmes Foundation.

 Pick the date!

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be registered on this site.
  • Must be held exclusively for the benefit of La rue des Femmes Foundation.
  • Must respect the values of La rue des Femmes Foundation.
  • Must be carried out in accordance with applicable laws in Québec.
  • The organizer undertakes to pay the related expenses; the Foundation does not reimburse any expenses.