Thank you for supporting the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Foundation!

Here's how to reach your goal:

Step 1: Choose the event you would like to join

The HGH Foundation organizes several events throughout the year. Information on these events can be found on the main website of the HGH Foundation: Some of the events also have a page on this site to help you reach your fundraising goal. Each of these pages contains more information about each event. You can choose to participate in as many events as you want.

Step 2: Create your personal page

Once on the desired event page, you can register either as an individual or as a member of a team (depending on the event). You will need to create a profile if this is the first time you participate. When you return, you will simply be able to login (button at the top right, "Login") to access your personal participant page. (This profile can be used for more than one event.)

- Insert a profile picture (click "Edit my page" in the square below your profile picture).
- Edit and personalize the text on your page by explaining why the cause is important to you and why you chose to participate in this event. In order to make your text more personal, sign at the bottom.
- Set yourself an ambitious but realistic fundraising goal.
- Social media icons let you share the link of your public profile to invite people to support you and raise money for the HGH Foundation.
- Don’t forget to send a thank you message to everyone who donates in support of your goal.

Step 3: Create your team

Some events allow you to form or join a group. Fundraising as an individual can be fun, but doing it as a team is often even more motivating. If you know other people who want to participate, invite them to form a team with you!

  1. Log in by clicking on the "Login" button at the top right.
  2. Select your event and then your team's page.
  3. Think of people who may be interested in joining your group (colleagues, family members, neighbours, members of recreation/sports groups, friends, etc.).
  4. Invite them by phone, social media by clicking on those icons, or email by clicking "Invite a friend to join my team".

* The number of people who can form a team will vary depending on the event.

Once you have formed your team, you can give yourself a unifying team name!

- Take a team photo and insert it as a profile picture for your team page.
- Personalize the text of your team page by defining what unites you as a team and explaining why the cause is important to you.
- Set yourself an ambitious but realistic fundraising goal.
- Do not forget to send a thank you message to everyone who donates in support of your goal.
- You can also send a congratulatory message to all your team members as soon as one of them has reached his/her goal.

Step 4: Ask your entourage to encourage you

People rarely set out to give money, but when they are asked to support a cause, they usually do so with great enthusiasm, especially when it is to support someone they know. They will recognize and appreciate your commitment!

Start with your immediate network:

  • Family and friends
  • Work colleagues/school
  • Neighbours

Then, list the contacts of your wider network:

  • Former classmates or traveling companions
  • Parents in daycare or school
  • Members of your group activities and leisure


  1. Log in and click on "My Page".
  2. Click on the "Invite a friend to support me" tab (or "Invite a friend to support my team" tab in your team page) and insert e-mails from your contacts. Do not second guess asking someone to help. You may be surprised at the support of those even with whom you have not had contact for a long time!
  3. Edit the message as you see it and press "Send". * Tip: For some contacts, it's worth addressing the message directly to the people themselves (rather than sending a mass email), to get news from them and to give yours. You can copy and paste an e-mail for general aspects, but it's important to be interested in the person beyond the donation request. Indicate why you are participating in the event.
  4. Click on the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn icons to share your participant profile on your social media pages. Identify your friends to invite them to support you.

*Tip: Take note of who you are asking to help you follow up. This will be helpful in keeping track of all the steps you have taken with each of the contacts from whom you have requested a donation.

You can also be original to solicit donations:
•    Place a donation box at the front desk of your workplace or in the communal kitchen
•    Bake sale at the office or at school
•    Garage sale
•    Dress casual at work for a donation
•    Lunchtime cook-off; bring a dish to be judged in exchange for a donation
•    Hold a draw or 50/50 (*don’t forget to obtain the required permits)
•    What is your talent? Can you put it to good use for fundraising? For example: selling artwork, doing a performance, singing...

*Tip: Plan the time of day when you can spend a few minutes on your fundraiser. Put it in your calendar.

*Tip: Take the time to familiarize yourself with the registration platform.

If you receive cash or cheque donations, please collect the donors' contact information so that the Foundation may issue them a tax receipt. You can then send us the money and cheques by mail or bring them to our office: HGH Foundation, 1111 Ghislain Street, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 3G5. We can then manually add these amounts to your profile page.

If you have difficulties with any step, don’t hesitate to contact us: or 613-632-1111, extension 21108. We are here to help you!​​​​​​​

Thank you for your involvement and for helping the
Hawkesbury and District General Hospital Foundation!