Embarking on a fundraising journey may seem daunting at first, but rest assured, it's simpler than you think - it all starts with asking.

When you register for Ride the River, a personalized online fundraising page will be automatically generated for you. This page serves as a platform to gather donations from your supports. Share the URL to your fundraising page with friends, family and colleagues who may want to support your cause.

To access your fundraising page and personalize it with your message and photo, simply log in using the Username and Password you created at registration.

Forgot your login details? No worries! You can retrieve them easily by clicking "Forgot Password" at sign in.

Already registered? Dive in and personalize your fundraising page now to kickstart your fundraising efforts.

All offline donations, including cash and cheques, should be sent or dropped off at the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, located at 75 Charles Street, Brockville ON, K6V 1S8.

Fundraising Tips:

  1. Personalize your Online Giving Page
    • Add your photo to your page and share your personal story on why you are participating in and fundraising for Ride the River 2024. Let your supporters know why achieving your fundraising goal is important to you. To customize your page, simple click "Log In" at the top of this webpage and log in using your username and password.
  2. Set the Bar with a Self-Pledge
    • Demonstrate your commitment by making a self-pledge. Your dedication will inspire others to support your cause. To donate to yourself, visit the Ride the River Homepage, select participants, search for your name, and click the donate button on your page.
  3. Start Early!
    • Begin your fundraising efforts as soon as possible to maximize your time and reach your goal. The earlier you start asking, the more opportunities you will have to garner support.

Let's make a difference together through Ride the River 2024!