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Since the beginning of this pandemic, Moisson Montréal's top priority has been to put every effort into ensuring the continuity of its service. Between April 1st 2020 and January 31st 2021, Moisson Montréal distributed more than $94 million of food to its Montreal partner organizations and to other Moissons (food banks) in Canada. This represents $26.5M more food than in April 2020-January 2021, additional nourishment that was necessary to help Montrealers in precarious conditions in this time of health crisis. Thanks to an unprecedented wave of solidarity from generous persons like you, Moisson Montréal is currently in a very good financial position to pursue its mission. The new donations received until March 31st 2021 would then be used to fund our operations starting April 1st 2021.

Meanwhile, Moisson Montréal has created a NEW ENDOWMENT at the Foundation of Greater Montreal and we invite you to contribute today at:  

An endowment is a permanent and independent source of funding whose assets are invested with a long-term perspective. Each year, a portion of the value of the endowment is disbursed to support Moisson Montréal's mission and the remainder is reinvested to ensure the sustainability of the operations. Thank you for your support!

A tax receipt will be issued by e-mail for all donations of $ 20 and over.
For information, please contact us at 514-344-4494 ext. 222 or by email: