COVID-19 Emergency: devastating threat

COVID-19 poses a devastating threat to the most vulnerable populations of many countries that are already suffering from socio-political crisis and conflict. COVID-19 is hitting already weakened health systems hard and reinforcing existing inequalities. During the pandemic, other health emergencies are still rampant and may even be worsening.

Help us to prevent and limit the transmission of COVID-19, to provide both physical and psychological health care, and to support and protect essential services.

Thank you for being a Doctors of the World too!

Your donation today will help provide health care in Colombia, Iraq, Haiti and Lebanon.

To date, the international network of Doctors of the World has implemented programs to fight COVID-19 in 67 countries and is present on all continents. It is essential for our teams deployed around the world to step up and consolidate their response through a global approach while continuing with risk analyses adapted to each country.