Cathy Allison

Achieved : $4,145
Goal : $2,000


2020-04-18 $25
Private donation

Great! Enjoy the walk!!

2020-04-03 $100
Daryl and Ian

Keep up the great work Cathy. If you have to stay home maybe you could see how many times you could go up and down the stairs!

2020-04-02 $25

You have been a keen supporter of hospice for so many years. Thanks Cathy

2020-04-22 $50
Linda Ryan

You go girl! Thanks for raising funds for such a good cause. It is a service that no one wants to ever use but are so grateful it is there when needed.

2020-04-06 $50
Ruth Lifeso
2020-04-03 $100
Ruth Brodie

Wonderful, Cathy. Thank you for doing this. Ruth

2020-04-16 $100
Ann Gorman
2020-04-02 $100
2020-04-06 $25
Holly and Joe

So glad you are able to fundraise for this excellent cause despite the challenges we face these days! You are indomitable!

2020-05-05 $100
Joanne Clemente

Thank you for all that you do!

2020-04-08 $35
Anonymous donation

With best wishes from Saraswathy

2020-05-02 $50
Robin and Lawrence Reeves

Way to go Cathy!!!
Love the west coasters

2020-04-15 $25
Helen and Ernie

Super walker! Thankyou Cathy.

2020-04-07 $25
Ruth Cameron

Good Luck!!

2020-04-24 $100
Elizabeth Weber

Go Cathy go

2020-05-08 $105
Cathy Allison
2020-04-12 $50
Shannon Jukes
2020-04-17 $50
Alice Holst

You’re the best Cathy!

2020-04-24 $25
Private donation

Good luck!

2020-04-30 $25
Terri Munro

Bring several bottles of water to rehydrate you!!!?

2020-04-03 $25
Anne & Dave Fischer

You're the best! Thank you for all that you do! xx

2020-04-07 $50
Sue Williams

How many trips around the block does virtual walk take? Or do you cover the whole neighbourhood?

2020-04-23 $50
Private donation

So nice to see your photo Cathy!

2020-05-04 $675
Pledge Sheet 2 - Cash Consolidation
2020-04-13 $25
Private donation

Keep at it Cathy!

2020-04-09 $100
Marlene Kocvar

Good Luck, Cathy

2020-04-15 $50
Ian Henderson

Great to see you continuing this wonderful tradition. Hope you achieve your goal.
Good luck!

2020-04-14 $50
Harriet and Mark Podolak

Keep up the good work with hospice care and good virtual hiking!

2020-04-12 $100
Don & Gerry

I'm sure you are already in training! We're sure you'll surpass your goal. Good on ya.

2020-04-20 $100
Private donation

Thanks for continuing with this great cause Cathy!

2020-04-09 $50
Barb and Dave Driftmier

We admire you and Dave for all you do for the hospice! Enjoy your beautiful neighbourhood on your walk!

2020-04-02 $100

Stick with it Girl!

2020-04-08 $30
Private donation

Good work Cathy!

2020-04-27 $50
Paul Finnegan
2020-04-09 $50
Jeanie Baetz
2020-04-12 $25

Glad to see you found a way to do the hike whilst staying safe.

2020-04-13 $25
Kathy and Hansen Downer

Good for you!!

2020-04-14 $100
Diana Maver

Thank you Cathy and Dave for all that you do for Hospice Care Ottawa. You are incredible and we appreciate and love you so much. Diana and John

2020-04-17 $100
The Jukes Family

Go Cathy! We are so pleased that you continue to take up the challenge.

2020-04-17 $25
Geraghty Family

Happy to support both you and this cause.

2020-05-07 $25
Roy rump and sons
2020-04-03 $100
Judy Eddy

You are one of the best ! I am with you in spirit.....
Thanks for everything that you do.

2020-04-04 $50
Bernice nagle

Keep up the good work

2020-04-25 $50
Private donation

We'll be out on the driveway cheering you on!!

2020-04-20 $100
The Hall’s
2020-04-11 $50
Rami Yassine

Keep up the wonderful work! :)

2020-04-02 $50

Hike the kitchen this year!! Work off that quarantine fifteen for a great cause! Xox

2020-05-07 $50

So great Cathy! Way to go!

2020-04-15 $250
Private donation

We need to continue with hope and optimism Cathy.

2020-04-29 $50
Private donation

I know you can do it.

2020-04-07 $50
Andrea Mathieson

Wherever you walk, have fun and be safe. Thanks for doing this, Cathy!

2020-04-02 $50
Private donation

Such a great cause. Your photo is a really nice one, Cathy!

2020-04-24 $325
Pledge Sheet 1 - Cash Consolidation