Chanele Blondin

Achieved : $3,251
Goal : $4,000


2020-04-17 $25
Anonymous donation
2020-04-16 $50
Shane Blondin

Uncle Shanie.

2020-04-15 $100
Nancy Blondin

Thank you for all that you do! Love you!! Stay safe!

2020-04-15 $25
Joanne Blondin

For All What You Do For Us and Others Mommy We Love You Carter and Max

2020-04-24 $25
Private donation

Way to go!!!????

2020-04-21 $946
Tony Saab

In hounour of Jason Yetson

2020-04-15 $50
Aiden and Jess

The world is a better place with you bringing your kind, caring and compassionate nature to help people in their most vulnerable time of need. Keep fighting the good fight and stay safe ❤.

2020-04-15 $50
Nick & Rosa Etmanskie

Thank you for all your hard work, with people like you, life is a better place. Love you Chanele xo

2020-04-12 $100
Sarah MacDonell

The work you and your peers do everyday is truly beautiful and amazing! Stay Safe! Xo

2020-04-15 $25
Rosa Corsi

Thank you Chanele for everything you do. Love Nonna Rosa

2020-04-14 $200
Maria Fiocco-Mascioli

You are so amazing. Always doing great things with your big heart ❤️ and positivity ????????

2020-04-15 $100
Joanne Blondin

Thank you for all you do in making everyone's life a little brighter. Love you lots Mom

2020-04-15 $50
Gloria MacDonell

Kevin would be so proud of you! Love you ❤️

2020-04-12 $200
Sandy Yenson

Thank you Chanele and all the staff, volunteers at Ruddy Shenkman Hospice! What a great bunch of caring, supportive people. Thank you for caring for Jason❤️

2020-04-19 $25
Angela Tallon

Such a great and important cause! Thank you, all the best! Xoxo

2020-04-12 $200
Jamie Boyd

Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

2020-04-15 $50
Benito Corsi

Thank you for all your hard work, especially during these difficult times in the world. Love you Chanele, Benito

2020-04-28 $25
Melissa MacDonell


2020-04-23 $50
Nancy Frame
2020-04-15 $200
Barry Blondin

So proud of all your hard work and dedication to such an important cause. Love Always Dad

2020-04-15 $25
Shane Blondin

Love you Nelly Xo

2020-04-15 $100
Jeff Larock
2020-04-13 $100
Josh Blondin

It's nice to see during people's greatest time of need to know there is a warm caring person like you to be able to help them out!


2020-04-12 $100
Chanele Blondin

Because it is such a beautiful place to transition, and I always want Hospice Ottawa to be able to keep it's doors open. It truly is an amazing place.

2020-04-15 $100
Rico Corsi

Thankyou for all your hard work and dedication, you are such a very caring person you are always their to help you are a very special person in so many ways. Thank you once again, love Rico.

2020-04-15 $100
Amanda Blondin

It takes special people like you - some may call angels on earth - to help patients and their families’ in their time of need. While the road can be tough, know that you are helping light the way for them through a difficult time. Love you and your heart Chanele xoxo.

2020-04-16 $50
The Saab Family Tony and Wendy

You go girl!

2020-04-22 $30
Private donation

Thank you for everything you and all health care workers are doing during this time :)

2020-04-12 $50
Sarah Barnes

Thank you ALL for doing what you do!

2020-04-15 $50
Private donation

You’re the BEST. Thank you for doing what you love to do and also taking very good care of one of our own.

2020-04-28 $50
Lauren Macies

Love you Chanele!! So proud of you and everything that you’re doing ❤️