What is the Virtual Hike?

  • The Virtual Hike for Hospice Care Ottawa is a 5km walk in your neighbourhood (or your house!). You are encouraged to register online, collect donations and walk in support of Hospice Care Ottawa. All donations raised up until May 9, 2020 will support the Hike and go directly to providing care in our community.

How does the Hike work?

  • Register online for the Virtual Hike, collect donation and complete your 5km walk anywhere and anytime before or on May 9, 2020. Take photos and shared them with your Hospice Care Ottawa community through social media!      

Who can participate?

  • Anyone and everyone! Register today by clicking here.

Where do I hike?

  • With the virtual Hike for Hospice, you can walk anywhere. You decide what is best for you.

How do I register for the Virtual Hike for Hospice?

  • Click here to register today!

How do I collect donations?

  • When you register online you can send your donation page to your email contacts and encourage them to donate online. You can also donate by calling 613-260-2906 ext 222 or mailing your donation to Hospice Care Ottawa, 114 Cameron Avenue, Ottawa ON, K1S 0X1. Every dollar raised will stay in our community to support Hospice Care Ottawa and ensure care is available to individuals and families who need it most.