The cause

Since 1875, the YWCA Montreal and the YWCA Quebec have worked to significantly reduce exclusion, social and gender inequality, and violence against women and girls. Thus, they wish to promote the well-being, security and full potential of women and girls and help to bring them to the best of their ability.

The mission of the Montreal Women's Y Foundation is to provide a stable and ongoing source of funding for the programs and services of the YWCA. Through its dynamism and innovation, it contributes to making the YWCA Montreal the reference in personal, social and professional development so that women and girls can contribute to society to the extent of their abilities.

The two YWCAs articulate their actions around four main axes:

  • Housig services and employability programs;
  • Awareness-raising activities to counter violence and discrimination against women and girls;
  • Activities to promote and encourage leadership in women's and girls;
  • Services that contribute to women's overall health (education, recreation).