2021 Edition

As part of the 8th annual Cyclotour Santé campaign, we invite you to create your own home event by Monday, September 6, 2021. All over the Outaouais region, participants will be riding alone, in teams or even as a family to make a difference for cancer patients here in our community. If public health measures allow it, we will all be marching together for the 8th edition of the Cyclotour Santé Outaouais.

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 Join our Facebook event :  to stay on top of the latest details and connect with like-minded people like you who share your desire to get involved and make a difference. On the event’s page, you can share fundraising ideas, success stories and photos or videos of you and your team on the day of your challenge.

 Create your own route: Whether you are alone or in a team, complete your challenge by creating your own biking route and instilling a festive atmosphere at home. Starting today, contact your team members and choose a formula, route and date that suit you, while respecting social distancing measures.

  Spread the word! On the day of your biking ride, use social media to invite your family and friends to encourage you by making donations on your personal page. Share photos and videos of you and your team taking on this challenge for a good cause — your donors and supporters will gladly cheer you on and follow your progress on this eventful day.

On the day of your Cyclotour Santé

 Put your yard to good use with a start and finish line: Put up posters and balloons, place a finish-line ribbon or throw some confetti! Let your creativity run wild!

 Show your colours: On the day of your biking ride, show your colours and add a personal touch. If you have a team jersey or a jersey from previous editions of the Cyclotour Santé, we encourage wearing it. Let your creative juices flow!

 Make it a ceremony: Honour a person fighting cancer, a survivor or a loved one you have lost to cancer. 

 Celebrate and share your ideas and photos with us on the event’s Facebook page.

Registration and Fundraising

• All registrations for this 8th edition are FREE. Take the opportunity to invite your loved ones to take up this challenge with you, keeping physical distancing and public health authority recommendations in mind.

• Your fundraising commitment is essential — cancer never takes a break, so our fight must also continue. Our fundraising guide is there to help you get donations.

• The deadline to reach your minimum fundraising goal of $250 is Monday, September 6, 2021.

If you have any questions about the event or fundraising, please contact Cynthia Tassé-Lamarche at 819-966-6108 ext. 310 or by email.

You can also consult our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details and information.