To facilitate your fundraising, here are various tools to download and use.



NEW! This year, you can create a customized jersey showcasing your team’s colours.

Here’s how to get your personalized jersey:

  • Form a team of 5 people or more
  • Use visibility plans* to solicit support from companies or individuals
  • Raise $1500 in corporate donations by June 30th and display your donors’ logos on your jersey
  • All participants must have raised a minimum of $250 in their individual fundraising thermometer
  • Everyone on your team who has met these conditions will receive a jersey for free
  • If a participant has not reached the minimum fundraising amount by June 30, 2021, a deposit of $40 per person will be required for the jersey
  • When we receive the ordered jerseys in August 2021, we will collect the $40 from the participants who have not reached the minimum fundraising goal of $250
  • Receive your jersey before September 5th to complete your challenge

Companies must complete a visibility form* (paper form) and send their payment and logo (in PNG or EPS format) to the Foundation (attention: Cynthia Tassé Lamarche) before June 30, 2021.

*In french only for the moment

The donation will be added to your fundraising thermometer and divided equally among all the participants of your team.


*The Corporate Partnership Program and forms are in french only

For additional support, please do not hesitate to contact Cynthia Tassé-Lamarche at 819 966 6108 ext. 310 or by email.

Have a great campaign !