The IRCM Challenge,
A race to the medical discovery!

The IRCM Challenge is a fundraising activity that supports health research conducted at the
Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM).

Research is fundamental!

Without fundamental or basic research, there is no applied research. Without applied research, there is no innovation. Without innovation, there is no creation of wealth. Fundamental research is therefore at the root of prosperity for countries like Canada.

Research investments are necessary for the development of a society

Innovation is at the heart of a society’s development. Research funding is therefore an important issue, because research itself generates social and economic growth.

How is the amount raised through the IRCM Challenge used?

Thanks to all the particpants of the IRCM Challenge, more than $600,000 has been raised to date from the public in general. This sum enabled the IRCM Foundation to participate in the training of a qualified next generation of scientists by awarding research grants to students of the Institute. This funding has also supported the work of IRCM researchers who are working to better understand the important diseases of our time in order to better treat them.

All IRCM Challenge runners are invited to participate in the fundraiser.

Since 2010, The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation has been inviting runners, beginners and high-level athletes, including children, to participate in this sporting challenge held on Mount Royal.

In 2021, the goal of the IRCM Challenge is to raise $ 170,000.

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