For a FREE registration
Raise $ 250 and more in donations for the IRCM Challenge
and we will refund  your individual registration fees *.

The IRCM Challenge is a fundraising activity that supports health research conducted at the IRCM.

We encourage you to participate in the fund raising efforts to
help advance health research and therefore contribute to the well-being of the community.

Talk to your family, friends and colleagues so they can help you reach your donation goal.

NB. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $ 20 or more.

How does the fundraising works?

All runners or walkers registered in the IRCM Challenge can participate in the fundraising event.
Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $ 20 or more.

As soon as their registration is completed, a profile is automatically created for each participant on the IRCM Challenge website. This profile can be customized by the participants themselves by adding a photo, by editing the presentation text and by adjusting the personal fundraising goal. A thermometer, also present in each participant's profile, displays the progress of the individual's fundraising.

Participants can invite friends, family and colleagues to visit their participant profile and make a donation by clicking on the button. Each donation made on behalf of the participant will automatically increase their fundraising thermometer.

* The IRCM Foundation will contact all participants whose fundraising thermometer
shows $250 or more,  to refund their registration fees.

Team fundraising

When registering a team to the IRCM Challenge, a team profile is automatically created on the IRCM Challenge website where the names of all team members will be displayed. Like the individual profile, a team's profile can be customized by adding a logo or photo, by modifying the presentation text and by adjusting the team's fundraising goal.

By inviting people on their network to support their team's fundraising goal, team members will be able to receive donations in their name or in the name of their team.

On the profile of each team, a thermometer will show the team's fundraising progression by totaling the donations made to its members and to the team itself.

Proposed fundraising goals

All participants are encouraged to participate in fundraising to support health research and to exceed the proposed fundraising goals.

  • A goal of $ 250 is proposed to all participants of the IRCM Challenge.
  • For teams, the proposed fundraising goal is $ 2,500.