Become an IRCM Challenge partner

Being a partner of the IRCM Challenge is to support health research, for the well-being of current populations and that of generations to come!

By becoming a partner of the IRCM Challenge, you will have an opportunity to reach a broad public including influential people from the MontrĂ©al community, patients from the IRCM clinic, researchers, and students. The IRCM Challenge not only attracts elite and amateur runners and walkers, but also many members of their families, friends, and supporters, making it a friendly and festive event. 

The IRCM Foundation invites you to become a partner of this fundraising event. We will be happy to exchange with you and find the type of partnership that will meet your needs.

To learn more about the details of the IRCM Challenge's partnership, contact:

Nicolas Jaillard
(514) 987-5533