Register your business now with one or multiple team(s) of 6 to 8 athletes - employees, customers, friends and partners. 
he Derby by Let’s Bond, the team building event not to be missed to find back your colleagues in a festive and competitive environment! 


  • Each team needs 6 to 8 mixed athletes  
  • A minimum of $6,000 is required per team, with more donation expected as the excitement builds up. A corporation may front the total donation on behalf of its participating team. 
  • The competition will consist of 3 workouts, which will take place at the end of the work day, over three-hours 5h to 8h. 
  • Workouts are designed with broadly accessible movements. Participants’ safety is our paramount priority. We take your safety seriously! 
  • There will be NO technical movements such as heavy lifting, gymnastics, or advanced technical athletics. A baseline level of fitness is required. 
  • The event is on May 26, 2022  Percival-Molson Memorial Stadium.  

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