Girls Write The Future Fund

Our mission is to achieve gender equality in education.

Despite the widespread acceptance of gender equality in principle - and the advancement of political and civil rights for women in many countries - full equality has not yet been achieved.

The full and equal participation of women in all spheres of life is essential to economic growth, the abolition of war and ultimately the establishment of a peaceful world. The effect of educating women radiates outwards; when a woman is educated, her entire community benefits. Gender equality is therefore a crucial part of human development and prosperity.

Gender inequality exists everywhere. Even in Canada, Indigenous women are under-represented in higher education. To do our part in reconciling this issue, we've created a scholarship for First Nations, Inuit and Métis women to pursue an undergraduate education at select universities across Canada. Every dollar donated to Girls Write the Future will go towards supporting these students.

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The donation deposited in the Fund will be reduced by the transaction fee (between 2% and 3%). A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for any amount of 20$ and over. For now, only Canadian credit cards are accepted.