Heart & Solstice

12th Annual Heart and Solstice Event is Launching a Virtual Event

Brockville General Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program needs your help and support!

Due to these unprecedented times, the Heart and Solstice Planning Committee has had to reimagine this highly regarded event.
Because of physical distancing directives, which include restrictions on large gatherings, it has been decided by the event planning committee that the safety of our supporters is of the utmost importance.  
At this point in time, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  In these uncertain times, we do not have a definite date that the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program will resume as the restrictions must be lifted and/or modified by the provincial government.

The Heart and Solstice Planning committee has been hard at work, looking for ways to raise funds to help sustain this vital program in our community.  We invite you to view a montage of memories from the past 11 years of past events that is being prepared that will be shared on the Foundation’s social media and on the Foundation’s website.

We are also looking for your support!

In the past, the cost to attend this event varied between $100 and $150. We are asking you to consider donating what you can to NOT attend the event (an official tax receipt will be issued for all donations that are made over $20). We are also mindful that our local community needs your support, and the restaurants that have supported us over the years are no different.  Please consider purchasing a delicious “take out” meal from these valued restaurants, to thank them for showing up each year and supporting this important community event, where they impress all with their culinary offerings at NO cost. Why not keep the date ...June 18th highlighted on your calendar and support the following participating restaurants!
* Brockberry Food to Go
* Buell Street Bistro
* Keystorm Pub
* Nakhon Thai
* Perth Brewery
* Tandoori Mint
* The Mill Restaurant
* Moose McGuires
* Pastry King Princess

It is our sincerest wish that these troubling times will soon be behind us, and that we will be able to once again, gather with friends and families to enjoy life and all it has to offer. In the meantime, please take the time to enjoy the beauty that still surrounds us, stay safe and know that your thoughtful contribution is very much appreciated.

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