As Chief of Surgery at Brockville General Hospital, I know how important our surgical suites are to the community every day. Last year, our hospital performed nearly 8,000 surgeries that saved lives, improved the quality of life and prevented further problems for the people of this area.

Help me, and our team at BGH, to provide our patients with the best care possible here at Brockville General. Please join me in purchasing some very important equipment, operating room lights.

Surgeons must be able to see!  The inside of the human body is dark and proper lighting is crucial so that every doctor who is operating can see the finest and most minute details of our delicate work. Knowing that our operating rooms have the best fundamental pieces of equipment makes better patient care possible.

Your gift to Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, in an amount you can comfortably afford, is vital to help our hospital purchase up-to-date equipment that will benefit every single surgical patient.

The best lighting environment enhances a surgeon's ability to do their job.  Recently, a patient was brought into our emergency department with a perforated bowel, a life-threatening condition, and they were rushed into surgery.  While the surgeon was repairing the damage, they noticed a small cancerous lump and was able to remove it in the process.

Not only did the patient receive excellent emergency care, but because their doctor was able to clearly see what was going on inside, their cancer was caught early.

I know that dedicated hospital supporters, like you, will be happy to know that you can help ensure that our surgical equipment will always be up to date and reliable. I hope you'll respond to this important equipment appeal with a gift today. Thank you for your support for our physicians, staff and patients.


Dr. Michael Fuoco
Chief of Surgery, Brockville General Hospital

Annual Appeal 2022
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