Grow Webinar Series 2022


The views and opinions expressed in these workshops are those of the presenters in their individual capacities only. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of their employers. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethic group, diverse community, club, organisation, company, or individual(s). All liability with respect to the actions taken or not taken based on the content of these workshops are hereby expressly disclaimed. The content presented is provided ‘as is’; no representations are made that the content is error-free.


• We respectfully ask that any information that is shared within this online workshop between all participants remains within this group. This includes the names of who is in attendance.

• If you talk about your (child, youth or adult child, sibling etc. please try not to use their names. If you do, that’s o.k., but non-identifying information is best.  

• ABLE2 presumes that you fully agree not to misrepresent your identity.  

• We are not collecting information today but sharing information with each other. Each person is responsible for how they use the information we are presenting. The information is only a guideline/tool for you. You know your family and children best. We trust that you are the experts on your loved one and your family. Only the individuals attending this webinar today will have access to this information. As previously noted, we are not recording this session. The information, therefore, will not be retained.  

• Any person is free to opt out of the session at any time. If you must leave, please send the moderator a private message to indicate that you are o.k. and why you are leaving the group. We want to keep you safe and comfortable.  

• We want to remind you, that as professionals, we are obligated, by law, to report any concerns we have about possible risks to children and youth. If we suspect that any child or youth is at risk, we must report to the local Children’s Aid Society. We are also obligated to report to the police any concern about suicidal or homicidal risks. We share this in advance to ensure you are aware of these legal obligations and that we are offering you informed consent.  

• For your information, “Zoom uses public and private key to encrypt the chat session with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Session keys are generated with a device-unique hardware ID to avoid data being read from other devices. This ensures that the session can not be eavesdropped on or tampered with.” Thus, to the best of our knowledge, we are confident that your sharing here is safe and confidential.

By joining the workshop, you agree to the above stated confidentiality statement.

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